The Aldgate Partnership

Business Improvement District

A Business Improvement District (BID) is being explored by the Partnership (TAP) for Aldgate.

A Business Improvement District is a vehicle for local improvements in a predefined boundary that are designed and instructed on by the businesses in the area. For the area to become a BID, the principles and projects must be voted in favour for by the businesses and subsequently a small levy would be applied to those eligible businesses to allow these improvements to come to fruition. All activities and projects funded by the BID, will be above and beyond the statutory duty of the Local Authority and Police and will provide additionality only.

BID activities largely fall into 4 main categories:

  • destination marketing and promotion,
  • improvement to public spaces,
  • crime prevention and business safety,
  • corporate social responsibility.

The regenerative activities within these is up to you as the business community and led by a small executive team to drive forward. This will enhance Aldgate as an area of existing creativity, dynamism and cultural heritage.

Through October and November 2018 we consulted businesses to assess the need on the basis of what could be provided by the BID. Please click here to see the Perception Analysis report. From this feedback we have developed a strategy from what you told us.

Please click here Aldgate Connect BID Proposal to view this document.