The Aldgate Partnership

Creativity and Heritage

A creative and vibrant quarter

Aldgate’s heritage and place in the capital’s history, combined with its distinctive cultural amenities and diverse artistic and business community, provide a rich resource which, used sensitively, can support the repositioning of Aldgate as one of the most vibrant business/residential quarters of London. For The Aldgate Partnership, this will involve:

Promoting the area’s new identity

Member companies’ contributions to the partnership will support the promotion of a new identity for Aldgate, commissioned and designed locally. The expertise, skills, and diversity of our board and partners, some of whom are leading global organisations in their field will support the re-imaging and changing of public perceptions of Aldgate, increasing its profile, appealing to employers, residents, students and visitors alike.

Working with the area’s two universities and world-renowned gallery

As well as community assets like Toynbee Hall, to ensure that Aldgate will always be far more than an office-location overspill of the City, but a highly distinctive community with strong links between the arts, education, research institutions and industry. The Aldgate Partnership will work actively to promote closer cultural and commercial links and knowledge exchange between those sectors which have a common purpose in Aldgate. This could extend to sponsorship of local events, professional exchanges, promoting volunteering, supporting apprenticeships and forging stronger education/business links.

Protecting and celebrating our heritage

The Partnership will promote Aldgate’s rich history and creative talent both in terms of highlighting the area’s physical assets, as well as the diverse communities which have shaped, shared in and continue to co-habit and bring the area to life. We will work with the local businesses and creative community to enhance the place-making of the area while supporting sensitive public space improvements which contribute to greening and protecting the local environment.

The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images
The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images
The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images