The Aldgate Partnership


A dynamic and inclusive economy

Fundamental to securing the redevelopment of Aldgate as a successful and sustainable commercial centre will be ensuring the area’s competitiveness in the short, medium and longer-term, contributing to the economic development of the area and support the entire business community. The Aldgate Partnership will contribute to this by supporting and driving the following measures:

Attracting and landing inward investment

The Aldgate Partnership will serve as the strategic voice of the business community in the area’s ongoing transformation, a consultative mechanism for liaising as required with the relevant planning authorities and statutory sector partners, and providing the means for business engagement with the local resident community, including any emerging neighbourhood forum.

Encouraging local sourcing and local spending

Members of The Aldgate Partnership will be supported and encouraged to procure and purchase supplies and services, where possible, from within the immediate and surrounding area, providing a considerable economic growth for local firms. We will encourage joint procurement initiatives to members from smarter purchasing of business services.

Supporting local employment

The Aldgate Partnership recognises that the long-term success of the area is dependent on better connecting more local people with employment and training opportunities in firms in the area. Building on the success of the Cheapside Employment Programme, the Partnership is working with employment services and local brokerages to reduce the levels of unemployment and economic inactivity in and around Aldgate.

The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images
The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images
The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images