The Aldgate Partnership


An attractive and sustainable environment

Aldgate’s strategic location as a major thoroughfare, and gateway to the City, means the area has long been dominated by vehicular traffic, contributing to a poor quality environment. Key to the repositioning of Aldgate as one of London’s most attractive locations will be significant improvements to the built environment and public realm. The Aldgate Partnership will contribute to this by supporting and driving the following measures:

Supporting and promoting improvements to the local traffic and transportation systems

In and around Aldgate, stemming from the key decisions to re-route the one-way system, making the area generally more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians, and ultimately enhancing air quality in the area.

Developing the evening economy

To facilitate the development of a more vibrant evening and weekend economy, supporting local businesses in the process. The Aldgate Partnership will work with restaurants, pubs/bars and night clubs to develop a safe evening economy which will include the use of a pub-watch scheme and close liaison with the police and other statutory and non-statutory agencies which share this objective.

Improving safety and security

The Aldgate Partnership will work with local service providers to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour within the area. This will be centred on public-realm improvements which will make the area safer for visitors which can be complemented by businesses and their employees’ greater use of local amenities. The partnership’s work with the local neighbourhood policing team will extend to ensure a safe and secure local environment which will include support for increased lighting of public walkways and subways and increasing the presence of CCTV in the area.

Enhancing local recycling and more efficient energy use

The Aldgate Partnership will work to promote sustainable energy usage, seeking to measure and reduce local businesses’ Carbon Footprint on the area, as well as working with local communities to conserve and green the environment.

The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images
The Aldgate Partnership - Sidebar Images