The Aldgate Partnership

Your views count to Aldgate

As we begin to come out of strict lockdown scenarios, the area is likely to become busier. This return will inevitably involve phasing, social distancing and adhering to the Government guidance. With some careful interventions and implementation, working collaboratively – Aldgate and the surrounds can get back to work and moving around safely and sustainably helping the economy to get back on its feet. It would be great to hear from you on what additional specialist services you think would be helpful to have in your area in these very unique times.

Let’s all get moving again, safely and securely – thank you so much for taking time to fill in this short form (5 mins).

Calling shops, cafes, bars, resturants and other small business

To support our SME community in the Aldgate area, we are offering free listings on our website and social media promotion for all. We know that retail and leisure may have different operating procedures and we would like to communicate this with customers old and new. This very simple forms asks about those changes and if you need any other support enabling social distancing measures please be in touch; we can direct you to the most appropriate authority.

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